We have a 6 hole course ready for play today and this weekend while we are waiting for the rest of the course to thaw. Come on out and get your golf fix for only $10.

Check out the other course updates from Gene below:

Turf News with Gene

Upcoming Events

With the slight warming of the weather, the course will be open to walkers starting on the back 9 holes beginning with 10 and following 11,12,15,8, ending with 9. Hopefully, the remaining holes will open next week.

More News

For those of you playing, you will notice brown spots on the greens and matted turf throughout the course. This is known as snow mold, both pink and gray snow mold are present. This isn’t a root disease, but a leaf disease and will grow out with some applications of foliar. By mid-May with warming weather, it will disappear.

Drainage Issues

As many of you know, some fairways located throughout the course have drainage issues. These will be addressed throughout the season by repairing with fill, drainage added, or rerouting water flow to reduce the issue. These areas will be outlined with white paint and considered GUR. Your drop point will be nearest point of relief.

In Further News

There is an ongoing effort to bring the maintenance of the course back to her once pristine condition and beyond. We will be removing brush over-growth, trimming trees that interfere with play, and clearing tees that have become unplayable due to brush growth. Trees that are in the playing field will be brought up to 4-5 feet in height to allow for better ball striking. The greens that have grown (gotten larger) will be brought back to their original sizes with a 5-foot collar maintained. Fairways will be mowed in a diagonal pattern and roughs in an antique pattern where fairways and roughs will become easier to see instead of blending together. There will be other improvements, but I will let that for you all to find as you play

Course Hazard Markings

 The course markings will be laid out according to USGA specifications and performed by the superintendent. You will notice that there will be a clear line of sight for hazard markings and any wetland areas will be considered a hazard. The stone wall and wetland area between holes 1 and 18 will be defined by red stakes. Refer to the local rules for info on how to play red staked areas.

Your Superintendent

My name is Gene Weiser and I came from Virginia and Maryland private courses such as Cripple Creek CC, Rehobeth Beach CC, and Gibson Island CC, and did my internship at Reems Creek Golf Course in North Carolina. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University in Turf Science and Management and am currently in my second year of my master’s program in plant pathology from the University of Delaware via online video classes. I have 16 years’ experience in the turf industry. Prior to that I spent 26 years as a US Marine, retiring as a Master Gunnery Sergeant from the 2/2 Marine Corps Special Operations Capable Force, S/S Unit.

I am available for questions either in my office or on the field. Suggestions are always welcome though not all suggestions will be either feasible or possible to implement but will be heard and if possible used. The only way to improve the course and take to next level is with your feedback.