Join us for our all-new shooting competition in the simulators Wednesdays at 6PM!

Test your marksmanship in a head to head competition for great prizes.


$5 entry fee
$20 first place
$15 second place
$5 third place
5 different shooting games using pistols, shotguns and rifles. Total points determine the top 4 and then a shoot-off for prizes.


Spots are limited, so get there early to sign up!


Laser Shot

Laser Shot is world leader in realistic firearm simulations, and we have it at The Meadows!

Utilized by military and law enforcement for training.

Utilize Inert laser based firearm devices that have the look, feel and weight of real firearms.

We have realistic pistols, shotguns and rifles to use on many different hunting and shooting simulations.


Reserve your time in the simulators now!

Call 207-268-3000

Times available 7 days a week from 9am-9pm