Have a Fling with your friends!  Have a Fling with your co-workers!  Have a Fling with a stranger!

We’re talking about FlingGolf of course, the new way to play golf that is sweeping the country.  It is a great way to enjoy the course even if you have never swung a club.

Kids, families, new golfers all love FlingGolf and you can now try it at The Meadows!  We have a bunch of different FlingSticks for you to use FREE OF CHARGE so no excuse not to give it a go!

Randall is showing you how to Fling in the videos below.  Take a look and then get out The Meadows and have a Fling!

How to Drive


The Short Game


Ever wonder what it takes to get our course ready for play after a long winter?  Gene has been hard at work preparing everything needed to hit the course as soon as the snow clears.  Watch the video below for a backstage look at what’s happening now…

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It was bound to happen…after thousands of miles ferrying golfers all over the Meadows it’s time for semi-retirement.  These carts are headed for other purposes at Goudreau and Sons Golf Cars.

Goudreau will handle our service needs on the new carts and they provide fantastic service so if you ever have a need for a golf cart or service give them a call!

We’ll be posting video soon of our new Yamaha carts arriving and never fear we have plenty of carts still on hand in case we can start playing in March (fingers crossed).



Click this link for the big announcement and introduction!

…… Doolin’s Pub! And meet Dave from @thesinfulkitchen who will be helping us launch our new pub.

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Check out Dave’s other eating, drinking and catering establishment at the links below:



Here is more information about Dave…


Great stuff to come!

Our new Superintendent, Gene Weiser is already hard at work getting the equipment ready for the season.

The Meadows was founded by Ron and Richard Foster in 1997 and just celebrated its 20th year. The Foster brothers carried on the legacy of their grandparents, Olga and Otto Mittlebachert, who purchased the land in 1924.  They lived on and farmed the land until 1955 when Clara and David Foster moved onto the land with their two sons to run the farm after Otto’s death.

Ron and Richard ran a successful construction company on the land from 1975 until 1996 and “Gram” lived in the family home until her passing in 2011 at the age of 95.  There is a bench memorializing her between the 18th green and 10th tee where the main house once stood.  Behind this house was the meadow where the brothers used to play as children and this meadow is the inspiration for the name of the golf club today.

Randall Anderson and a group of friends acquired The Meadows in 2017 from the Fosters and look forward to building on the legacy they created.The group of friends are part of self-named PEAK International (there is a story to the name but we’ll save that for another day).  This group of six guys, at the conclusion of their year traveling in Up With People (Cast A 1991), spontaneously decided to get together and play golf. That one time event turned in to an annual reunion. They have played all over the world including Pebble Beach, Scotland, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nashville, Florida, Ontario, and Maine. In fact, the PEAK guys have played The Meadows more than any other course in their history. Though only Randall (Wyoming native) lives in Maine, you might see Maine native Greg visiting from Connecticut, Darrick (New York native) visiting from Colorado, Dan (New York native) from Idaho, Berkeley (Ontario native) from New York, or even Michael (California native) in from one of his assignments overseas.

Randall and the rest of the PEAK Partners look forward to continuing the legacy of the Fosters, continuously improving and enhancing the course, and establishing The Meadows as a community destination for fun and enjoyment.